Wild West Saga – Business Tycoon

Wild West Saga – Business Tycoon

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Wild West Saga – Business Tycoon - Latest Game 2018

The Wild West Saga – Business Tycoon - Latest Game 2018 is pretty easy to play. Its a casual/idle tapping game that allows you to pick it up for 2 minutes, collect or set whatever you need to do and put it down again. Its a pretty great for those short waits in line for your coffee or riding the elevator. It does have some saving grace in the fact you can travel to other towns and meet pioneers. Selling and building your fortune as you go.

Unlockables and Boosters

There’s plenty of Unlockables in the game. 20 businesses, 26 Heroic Deeds, over 150 types of Patents,over 60 different town areas and much much more. These are relatively straight forward to get. While as your being patient and with plenty of tapping, you’ll be further along than you know. Boosters are plentiful in the game, just by logging into the game each day you can get daily rewards, that get better every time. Deeds provide an opportunity for your businesses to level up, extra profits or time resets. Piano has a timer that counts down from 30 minutes and then once tapped gives a multiplier x2. Upgrades can add levels to your businesses and increase profits, speed and pioneer activity. You can use the Lulu Adloader by tapping it to watch ads and boost your profits for up to 8 hours.

In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases are easily accessible in the game by tapping the Shop on the bottom left screen. The shop has 3 sections : Gold Coins, Patent Cards and Boosters. The Gold Coins price starts from $4.99 all the way up to $199.99. These can then be used to purchase the Patent Cards and Boosters. These prices may seem a little steep, but with patience and idle time you may not need to purchase anything.


Adverts in the game are very well out of the way. Apart from when you re-open the game after putting it down for a while. A newspaper pops up telling you the amount you’ve earned while sleeping. On the newspaper underneath the heading to the right, an active button to “Watch An AD” to double your profits is displayed. easily pressed without wanting to. Other than that you can choose to tap on the bottom right corner of the main game and choose Lulu Adloader to watch a series of ads to boost your profit speeds for up to 8 hours.



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