How can I install APK files straight from my laptop/pc? 2018

By | May 7, 2018

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How can I install APK files straight from my laptop/pc?


Hi Guys! In this tutorial we will answer your question. How can I install APK files straight from my laptop/pc in 2018.

  • Firstly you will need to find an App or Game that you want.
  • Head over to our Latest Downloads and search for an APK file that interests you and download it to your laptop/pc.

Download Example

REMEMBER!! – Save it somewhere you’ll be able to find it in your laptop/pc. For me as I use Windows the easiest is either the Desktop itself or my Downloads folder.

install apk from pc

Unknown Sources? 

Before you’ll be able to set up the APK files on your device you’ll need to ensure that Third-Party Apps permissions are set to ON. This just makes your life easier in the long run. Your Android device is designed to have the ability to use APK files outside of the Google Play Store.


  1. Turn on your device, unlock it or whatever you need to do to get to the main screen. Go to the main Menu Screen > Find Settings > Scroll to Security. Some devices i.e Samsung show this as Lock Screen & Security.
  2. As soon as your in Security scroll down until you see a section that says Unknown Sources.
  3. Tick that box or slide that sucker to the yes position. This permits your device to install Apps and Games from sources apart from the Google Play Store Retailer.

Recapping :

So you’ve found an App or Game you like – or at least your interested in. You’ve downloaded it to your laptop/pc and saved it where we can find it. Then you updated your device settings to install APK files. Now all we need to do is put it on your Android device.

Moving your APK to your Android device

Now that you’ve mastered that bit, lets move over to the device your putting the APK onto. This can be your Phone, Tablet, Android Box etc…. 

First things first, we wanna plug your device into your laptop/pc via USB cable (Micro Usb or Usb Type-C for some models). This is where your Android device will ask you to choose a device media you want to use i.e Charge, MTP (file transfer) etc….

  1. You want to select MTP (file transfer) on your device. Your Android system will now connect. You will probably see your folders pop straight up on your computer’s desktop display.
  2. Now lets go back to where we downloaded the APK file. Presumably its sitting on your Desktop….. if you’ve followed above.
  3. We then want to copy the APK file into a folder of your selection in your Android device.
  4. You do this by right clicking the APK file and choosing Copy. 
  5. So now we want to navigate to the device. The device is usually accessible under “This PC” in Windows and under “My Computer” in Mac’s.
  6. Click on your Android device folder in your laptop/pc. Paste the file into an easy find folder. Usually something like Download is an easy one or just make a note of where you saved it.
  7. As soon as the APK file is copied to your device, you’ll be able to install that file on your Android device through your File Manager app.
  8. Open the File Manager and find the APK file. We do this by going to the folder you previously saved it to and open it.
  9. Lastly hit Install.

You are now finished, congratulations!!! You’ve just learned how to install your first APK to your Android device.

Testing the APK you’ve just installed

Time to test your newly installed app and ensure it works. If it doesn’t, it would probably be from a bad download i.e internet went or a possible Parse Error. If that’s the case then you need to re-download the APK file.

You can monitor your download by taking a look at the file in your notification bar. Then  by dragging the notification bar down the screen. Once it hits 100% you should be able to tap it and re-install.

If your struggling, or your just like me and hate following written text , have a look at this guide on WikiHow displaying the full information with photos.


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